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If you gave up on your last diet, don’t despair. If you’re afraid to start a new diet for fear of failure, if you don’t know which diet to try –

you are about to gain a new understanding of why you have this dilemma and how easy it can be to overcome your anxiety and finally

accomplish your goal.


People diet for two reasons, which usually are mutually exclusive. They either want to lose weight or they have some real or anticipated

medical condition that they believe (or hope) will improve with a change in what they eat and how they eat.  They also are looking for the

easiest way to accomplish their goal.


BUT, people don’t want to give up what they like. That’s plain human nature. They hate diets because every one they have tried has insisted

that they give up some foods or patterns of eating that they really like, or the diet they are attracted to requires hours of food preparation

every day. Because of human nature, they eventually stop their chosen diet, return to bad eating habits, and then reach, once again, the point

at which they can’t tolerate their excess weight or their ill health.  So, they decide to try that diet again, or another diet that “promises” to be

better than the last one. This is a never-ending cycle that just doesn’t work.


This book came about as I analyzed the best facts and studies available, and drew logical conclusions. Now, you, too, will come to understand

why the popular approaches differ and how you can finally develop a program that works for you -- all the time.

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